I believe in sustainable nonprofits -
And love the call to service

I love volunteering and consulting with nonprofits to help them achieve greater impact and realizing their mission. While my focus area leans towards the arts & culture, I work with a variety of organizations. I am very proud to volunteer as the 2006 co-Class Fund Director for Grinnell College. We became the youngest class to endow a scholarship to support the college's need blind admission and meeting 100% student demonstrated financial need policies.

Credit Lorraine Hanlon & Emer O'Boyle 2013
@ Never Ending Night Project
Crowdfunding & Participatory


I have successfully organized and participated in a number of crowdfunding projects. What I love about the medium is its ability to directly engage with audiences and it is certainly a rollercoaster of emotions. From visual art to documentaries to feature films to books to theater to music, I have shared my experiences with many projects across a variety of genres and platforms.

Engaging & Immersive

Event Organizing

Recently I organized the Acid Test Experience with Outtahed and Acid Test Productions represented the first time a film project organized an immersive theatrical experience to tell the story of a film project. In total we raised $15,000 for this indie film, which was a great success. As the former Director of Sustainable Artists, I organized monthly business for music meetups with WeGet Networking and when I lived in Bologna I organized PechaKucha Nights, which were fun pitch nights for the creative community.

Credit Manon de Reeper 2020
@ Acid Test Experience
SWAMP 2012-2015 Strategic Plan
Business Models & Environments

Strategic Planning

Bored of ineffective SWOT analyses at every retreat? I work with nonprofits to understand their business model, revenue strategies, fundraising and internal & external environmental analysis to become more effective.

Coaching & Mentoring


I love working with executives to hone their leadership skills and building high performing teams. Trust, empathy and courage are the values I instill in every project I work on.

Sustainable Artists Panel, Austin, TX 2016

About Me

Hi, I'm Patrick!

I am a versatile Product Manager with over a decade experience designing, developing and delivering patented SaaS solutions. Currently I am the Director of Product Management & Planning at Decernis, a FoodChain ID company, where I manage high profile projects serving the complex needs of the largest food, beverage, chemical and consumer product manufacturers in the world. I am a dedicated Agilist and Lean manager, leading and coaching Scrum and Kanban teams focused on business value, flow and continuous improvement. I am also a social entrepreneur dedicated to changing the nonprofit fundraising landscape for the better and ensuring nonprofits increase their impact.

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"The leader of the past knew how to tell. The leader of the future will know how to ask."

Peter Drucker

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