I enjoy the hardest challenges -
And creating innovative solutions

I enjoy consulting with both startups and established companies. For startups I focus on Steve Blank's Customer Discovery process with an emphasis on MVPs and rapid prototyping. For established companies I enjoy solutions architecture as well as coaching Lean and Agile principles.

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Startup Business Models

Customer Discovery is core to the Lean and Agile process. The two most important steps are identifying first what the riskiest part of your plan is and second whether you have a problem worth solving. I facilitate business modelling through the Lean and Business Model Canvas as well as build early stage roadmaps to rapidly move from ideation to execution. In particular I emphasize an MVP and prototype approach that reduces costs and risk and increases speed to market.



Microservices provides a flexible approach to architecture decisions. I can rapidly iterate CRUD APIs in Flask for your projects, prototypes, apps or ideas.

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Minimum Viable Products

UI/UX/CX Solutions

I specialize in the art of the Minimum Viable Product, data driven decisions (quantitative) and participatory observation (qualitative). Whether it's A|B testing, a sales funnel, surveys, interviews or value stream mapping, designs are informed by customer behaviors as reported in data. Having a keen insight for what problem you need to solve first differentiate between useful data and noise.

Lean & Agile

Product Management

Do you have a problem worth solving? Do you have problem-solution fit? Do you have product-market fit? What roadmap of features and MVPs will get us to where we want to go? These are questions I think about every day. I love Product Management and want to activate other PMs to become as effective as they can be. I provide leadership, coaching and mentorship services as well as organizational change consulting.

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Organizational Transformation

Lean & Agile

I am an expert in Lean and Agile methodologies and organizational adoption. I focus on Kanban and Scrum as well as process tailoring, including applying Agile execution within Waterfall contracts and SOWs. I have experience with all the major PM products (Trello, Asana, Pivotal Tracker, Airtable, etc.), but specialize in JIRA and have implemented it corporate wide across both technical and non-technical teams.

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“Don't undertake a project unless it is manifestly important and nearly impossible”

Edwin Land, Scientist, Inventor and Co-Founder of Polaroid

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