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Director of Product Management & Planning

I started at Decernis two years after its founding and have spent the last decade building up its SaaS product portfolio. My products respond to the challenges faced by leading brands and manufacturers in managing and complying with complex global regulations.

My entrepreneurship journey started when I was a part-time researcher and realized that my work could be automated. Rather than remaining content with manual and mundane tasks I learned Python. Shortly after I pitched my first product idea, which happened to lead to two patents, and I began my journey first as a developer then a product manager.

I have made a career out of following my curiosity and risen through the ranks. I am proud to be part of the senior leadership at Decernis. In 2019 we were acquired by FoodChain ID.


Current search algorithms, such as Google’s PageRank, inadequately met our client needs because highly ranked sites mean that they are already highly known while recent international events for governments and agencies rank low. By tracking media at the source, indexing ingredient and chemical names and determining relevance of news document we can alert customers to these events in real time, saving them millions of dollars.

"All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better."

Ralph Waldo Emerson


CEO & Founder,
Charity Impact

Charity Impact takes the lessons from the startup world, particularly Lean and Agile methodologies, and helps nonprofits increase their effectiveness. It introduces a tailored Charity Canvas to frame the conversation of impact from strategic planning to programming to any other aspect of the organization.

Charity Impact's main focus is on fundraising and strategic planning.


Chief Information Officer,
Giving Docs

Did you know that only about 9% of Americans include a nonprofit in their will? Would you also be surprised if those donations summed up to be $28 Billion and growing per year?

During my tenure at Giving Docs we made history by raising $21 Million in estimated estate gifts in 48 hours. This success led to joining Dan Ariely, the world-renowned behavioral economist, at his Startup Lab at Duke University. The power of crowdfunding has just been unleashed to disrupt the world of planned giving.

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Hi, I'm Patrick!

I am a versatile Product Manager with over a decade experience designing, developing and delivering patented SaaS solutions. Currently I am the Director of Product Management & Planning at Decernis, a FoodChain ID company, where I manage high profile projects serving the complex needs of the largest food, beverage, chemical and consumer product manufacturers in the world. I am a dedicated Agilist and Lean manager, leading and coaching Scrum and Kanban teams focused on business value, flow and continuous improvement. I am also a social entrepreneur dedicated to changing the nonprofit fundraising landscape for the better and ensuring nonprofits increase their impact.

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“Don't undertake a project unless it is manifestly important and nearly impossible”

Edwin Land, Scientist, Inventor and Co-Founder of Polaroid

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